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What you should know about eyelash growth serums.

Hugely influential in Europe, we've known them for a decade and they've revolutionized the beauty industry.

There are still many doubts about how they work, in reality it is very simple, what is undeniable is the popularity these treatments have gained to show off penetrating and infinitely memorable looks.

Some of the truths:

Its discovery was accidental, while a team of ophthalmological doctors noticed growths in the eyelashes of their patients undergoing glaucoma treatment due to the active ingredient: “PROSTAGLANDIN”

Another of the undeniable truths is the possible side effect of “PROSTAGLANDIN” which can stain the eye contour and in some cases cause irritation.

If we seek to combat glaucoma, these effects would be irrelevant, especially when what we seek is a cosmetic effect that makes us look more beautiful.

The FDA has even restricted the sale of eyelash products with this ingredient.

It is false that all growth serums contain “PROSTAGLANDIN”.

Although some do contain this ingredient, most have peptides in their formula as the main ingredient in addition to other growth factors and natural nutrients, such as castor oil, mamey bone and Coenzyme Q10.

Thinking that eyelash growth products also work on the eyebrows is not entirely true, this is mainly due to the fact that both have different growth cycles, while the eyebrows can take more than 2 months to regenerate, the Eyelashes take approximately 4 to 6 weeks, so we can understand that eyebrow growth is slower and requires a little more patience, in both cases these effects are accentuated as we beautify and certainly a very important factor that plays against is menopause, so at a certain age both growth cycles can be seen to be lengthened and each body will react differently.

The content of each Serum is important, approximately an average of 5ml is capable of covering a complete growth cycle, in the case of eyelashes, in the case of eyebrows around 20 ml will be needed, so that a 30 ml presentation is ideal, to achieve a visible result in both cases.

Its application is like mascara or mascara, this is true but not in all cases, serums in dropper presentations are designed in this way so that you can massage your eyelashes from the root, an effect that you would not achieve with an eyeliner.

It is also true that its application should be at night, since it is while you sleep that your eyebrows and eyelashes regenerate naturally, so an adequate combination of active ingredients can be a great aid in this process.

Discipline and perseverance are undoubtedly the extra ingredient in this formula that only you can add, the constant application lengthens the growth cycles and delays the fall phase, that is why a single application cycle is not enough , we must remember that our eyelashes and eyebrows regenerate constantly, since once these eyelashes fall, if the treatment is interrupted, the nascent eyelashes will not be reinforced, returning to the natural growth cycle, so we recommend that once you have achieved the desired growth, continue your treatment a couple of times a week as maintenance.

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